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Eleven Miles' Social Media News: Issue 4

24th Jan 2022

Twitter Adds Recording For All Twitter Space Hosts

Twitter has announced that recording Spaces is now available for all Twitter Spaces hosts on iOS and Android. Spaces can now be re-shared and will be available for public playback on Twitter for 30 days. Hosts are also able to download the audio and edit it into a podcast or smaller audio clips.

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TikTok Shares New Research On The Effectiveness Of Brands Collaborating With Creators On The Platform

TikTok has shared research on the benefits of brands collaborating with TikTok creators on the platform. The research covers a number of areas including the impact of creative and creators on the platform, how creative drives ad effectiveness on TikTok as well as promoting brand recognition with creators, products and comedy, plus more.

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Pinterest Adds ‘Profiles” Tab Within Pin Search

Pinterest has added a Profiles tab within Pin search to make it easier for users to find creators on the platform. The Profiles tab will enable users to find creators through searches specific to user names or within topics. This will help users to find creators as well as helping to improve creator exposure.

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Snapchat Adds Features To Facilitate More Interaction

Snapchat has added a range of new features to facilitate more interaction on the platform. This includes Poll Stickers which allows the user to create emoji-focused polls that can be shared in Snaps and Stories. It is also adding the option to reply to individual messages in a group chat. Bitmoji Reactions allows users to reply with a reaction whilst using their Bitmoji. Snapchat has also updated its video and audio calling interface, making it easier to add Lenses in video calls as well as being able to preview who is on a group call before joining.

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Clubhouse Adds Share on Clubhouse

Clubhouse has announced new improvements to the share button, including how users will be able to tap ‘Share on Clubhouse’ when they are in a room. When users click ‘Share’ at the bottom of a room or replay, they will have the options: Share on Clubhouse, share via a social network or copy the link to share via a messaging app. By choosing ‘Share on Clubhouse’ users will be able to add a comment and share with their followers. Followers will be able to see the room in their Hallway and if the room is live, they will also be notified that the user has shared it so that they can join.

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Twitter Publishes New Report On What Consumers Expect From Brands On The Platform

Twitter has published a new report called #RealTalk which looks at evolving consumer trends and expectations on the platform in order to help brands maximise their success on Twitter. The report is based on the analysis of a decades worth of Tweets from brands, user’s tweets about brands, as well as consumer surveys in order to understand what works in Twitter marketing and what users on the platform expect from brands.

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