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Two Minutes With Lewis Bullock

7th Apr 2020

What do you do at Eleven Miles?
Senior Designer, so basically grown-up colouring in.

A brand I think is killing it at the moment is… Google. I don’t know if it’s my age but I appreciate their tone and offering. Everything works effortlessly and the inter-product usability is so brilliantly designed. They’re like Apple but without the arrogance or turtle-necks.

My favourite advertising campaign of all time is… The Lego Movie. Not a straight-up advertising campaign in any sense, but as a ‘brand piece’ the whole movie (and the sequel) is all that is great about the brand. I mean, I doubt many people would watch a 101min ad from their favourite brand and have as many soul-smiles as I did watching it.

My favourite brand refresh is… Moonpig – there’s a very prominent trend of simplification design in ‘brand refreshes’ at the moment and this is a great example of that working well. Although the logo itself isn’t anything ground-breaking, how it ‘lives’ is really neat and it’s supported by some killer art direction that repackages the humourous/out-there tone of the brand, and ultimately feels a lot more grown-up and slick because of it. Whoever the ‘in-house’ team is, I’d buy them a beer, because I believe they nailed it.

The work I’ve been involved in at Eleven Miles that I am most proud of is… some hidden pitch decks that I’m not allowed to talk about.

I think the biggest opportunity for brands today is to… cut the bull and the fancy spin, and just stand for something that actually enriches people’s lives. I understand business in a capitalist world drives finance over form, but when a brand enriches your life in a positive way there’s no denying it’s worth the cost. Anything else, is just business.

The one app I would highly recommend everyone should use is… Monzo. Although it’s more of a financial service, I think this is tech used in a brilliant way – to IMPROVE life and use data in a helpful way. Lav it.

Everyone should follow @dirtylunchbox on Insta because when you gotta eat dirty, it’s an inspiration.

If I didn’t work at Eleven Miles (and copyright wasn’t an issue) I would work as a… Novelty kids’ party baker: Pokemon pork pies, Lego lemonade, dinosaur doughnuts. All the good stuff.